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Slow Mo

Verse 1 I dont know whether the time Is slipping by, Or moving at all And I dont know whether my mind, Is playing tricks on me, Or not working at all Pre-Chorus And it keeps confusing me hey Taking control of me hey This cant be happening, I am out of time- Better I should know Not to hold on but let it go Should be fast but Im moving slow, Chorus As the hands keep going round, I can feel my life is counting down 3 2 1 Tick tock my body clock, Heart beat gonna stop. Im watching the time and space, Cause I cant stop staring at your face- I Pop lock rhythm flow, Wind it up, let it go. TAG Its like Im in SLOW MO, Cant keep up NO MORE, Its like Im in SLOW MO, And I cant seem to up my tempo, SLOW MO Cant keep up NO MORE, Its like Im in SLOW MO, Cause without you girl, TIME GOES SLOW. Verse 2 I dont know whether its my Percep-tion of rea-lity, Without you, that makes this life go so slow, I tried to deny, But now I know why. Im out of time, I need you, need you here with me Pre-Chorus Chorus