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Are you looking for love
Dont want romance how
From the moment I knew,
Walked over to you better thing again
That we gotta be honest
Put up my hands now
I dont understand how you got me wrapped around your finger
I dont know you name I dont know if youre here alone
(wanna get to know you baby)
Been playing on my mind far too long, say
Gotta give me what I need

They say youre dangerous
But I dont care cause Ive
Been Taken over by this curiosity
You got me serious
And I cant help myself
Been taken over by this curiosity

Youre not looking for love
No one to tie you down
If you wanted to go somewhere you dont know
Just walk away
Ive fallen for you
And Im breaking all the rules
cause theres something about you I cant explain
I dont wanna hear what anybodys got to say
(Just want to get to know you baby)
I know that Its wrong for me to feel this way, say
Gotta give me what I need


Tell me whats going on
As far as I can see
Is that Im so into you
But youre not into me
Baby what can I do
Its such a mystery
All that I know
Is what you got is what I need

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